Starting a new school is a major transition in a child’s life involving separation from familiar adults and children. By the time they are ready to start a new school, children have a more secure understanding of ‘people permanence’ and are consequently able to approach new experiences with some self-assurance. However, they will need preparation if they are going to be able to approach the transition to a new school with confidence.

Partnerships are key

At MEPA Academy we know it is important to consider the essential administrative elements involved with the move up to secondary school. We understand the need to ensure that everyone involved is working in partnership, sharing relevant information and ‘managing’ the process of transition together. We will ensure there is a good line of communication between the parents, the school and the setting and each party should make their expectations of each other clear.

How MEPA Academy will help with a smooth transition

  • Once a student has confirmed their place at MEPA Academy, a member of the Senior Management will arrange to attend their previous school to talk with the student's previous teachers and also take the opportunity to meet with the student and discuss how they feel about moving and how we can help make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Transition Day – MEPA Academy will arrange a Transition Day where new students can attend the academy, giving them an opportunity to meet fellow students and start to make new friendships, become familiar with our facilities and teaching staff, try on and order any uniform they may require.

Please download our Transition Handbook to help with a smooth transition.

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