Admissions and Fees

MEPA Academy - Admissions and Fees

Applications will be through the auditioning process which includes an audition, interview and a Maths and English assessment.

We aim for students that attend our audition days to have an enjoyable experience as they sample the atmosphere and energy of MEPA Academy. Setting aside the fact that this is a live audition for entry to the academy, we want our visitors and prospective students to feel welcome, safe and confident to explore the day and all the fun and excitement that this brings.

The audition experience is a full day that follows a timetable.

1. Welcome from the Principal and a member of the Senior Management Team

2. Academic assessments in English and Maths

3. A selection of workshop classes from Jazz, Ballet, commercial Dance and Musical Theatre

4. Individual auditions for Acting, Singing and Dance

5. An opportunity if desired by the student, to demonstrate any skills in Music / playing of an instrument

Students are required to prepare the following:


A monologue of between 1-2 minutes in length


A song of between 1-2 minutes in length


A solo dance in any style of approximately 2 minutes in length

Students do have the choice to demonstrate any music skills should they wish to.

Audition Days and Open Mornings

Admissions Policy

Application Form

Academy Fees *

* Fees correct at time of print but can be subject to change.

Audition outcome

It is our aim to inform all students who audition of the outcome of their audition within seven (7) days.

For more information about the audition process or if you have any enquiries, please contact us.

Other points

The fee for an audition day is currently £50. Parents are required to sign a contract before a pupil starts the school. This outlines our conditions, amongst which is the requirement that a term’s notice must be given before a pupil leaves the school.

Late Entries

MEPA Academy will accept late entries throughout the term but all entries must follow the same Admissions Process as stated.

To enquire about late entry, please contact us in the first instance.

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