Careers and Work Experience

Careers Leader Contact Details

Name: Lewis Muir
Phone: 01622 756644

At MEPA Academy we have created a programme that allows our students to build on skills and knowledge throughout each stage of their education.

In Year 7 our students... DISCOVER

Students will discover themselves, identifying their strengths, skills, attributes, qualities, weaknesses. Allowing them start applying themselves to begin exploring their future.

In Year 8 our students... EXPLORE

Students will explore the different opportunities that they have and are able to have throughout their lives. As well as looking at how actions from an early age can impact their employability prospects.

In Year 9 our students... PATHWAY

Students will take the first steps in their pathways, by starting to choose their Key Stage 4 options. As well as looking at how they can start their employment journey from a young age.

In Year 10 our students... EXPERIENCE

Students will bring their knowledge together to gain a full experience in a work placement setting at the end of Year 10, whilst preparing themselves for the work that is ahead in Year 11.

In Year 11 our students... APPLY

Students will take their experiences and shape them into a pathway for transitioning into Post 16 education. Shaping themselves into model citizens with the tools they need for the world of work.

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