MEPA Academy - Bugsy Malone 2024

Bugsy Malone 2024

To say that this performance was entertaining is an understatement, the students brought this classic to life and gave the audience a stunning performance. The final splurge scene was not to be missed!

MEPA Academy - Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety

Anxiety is natural and is a response to stress or perceived threats. It can affect our thoughts, feelings, the way our body reacts and our behaviours. Read more about how MEPA Academy supports students with anxiety.

MEPA Academy - The Benefits of Performing Arts

The Benefits of Performing Arts

We understand the many benefits of Performing Arts, but if you’re looking to enroll your child into our Independent School, this article gives a better idea of why you should choose a school that caters to your child’s academic studies as well as vocational training.

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