Ethos and Vision

MEPA Academy - Ethos and vision

Fusing Education and the Arts

At MEPA Academy we are committed to delivering a diverse and high standard of education both academically and vocationally. We aim for the young people in our care to be prepared for life in an industry that can be competitive and fulfilling. We expect our pupils to be committed to all aspects of the education we offer and strive to be the best they can, at all times.

Staff offer many opportunities for the pupils to achieve through high quality teaching in all areas, as well as industry professionals that they can aspire to follow. The pupils are encouraged to be independent, creative, engaged, well-motivated and curious whilst trying activities that are out of their comfort zone and challenge.

Pupil welfare is at the heart of MEPA Academy. Through our nurturing and caring environment, we believe that we can encourage pupils to have a healthy mind which will enable the pupils to achieve the best they can. We encourage all of MEPA, including staff as positive role models, to be respectful, kind and polite and ensure that we all understand that everyone has the right to learn, make progress and achieve.

Core Values


These values underpin the life of MEPA Academy and are constantly referred to by all of the MEPA community. Our staff an students embed and instil these values through our MEPA Mantra.


Mindful and Respectful


Enthusiastic and Creative


Progress or Attainment


Aiming High

We develop our students to be whole, well-rounded individuals who are mindful and respectful of all, enthusiastic and creative about performing arts, make progress and attainment in all areas and are always aiming high.

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